What Leads To Diarrhea In Cats?

If your cat has diarrhea, you are not alone. cat diarrhea is a rather typical pet disorder. It’s quite likely that your cat will endure occasional bouts of diarrhea throughout the course of his or her life.

The good news is that this situation is usually not serious and in many cases, can be addressed in your home very effectively. So what are a few of the reasons why a cat has diarrhea?

Cat Diarrhea Causes # 1 – Eating Stuff They Shouldn’t

Sharks are fascinating creatures. It appears like they can eat anything (including us) and not be bothered whatsoever. Unfortunately, cats do not have this privilege. A cat’s digestive system can react very negatively to the introduction of certain foods/items. Of all the explanations why a cat has diarrhea, this particular one is at or near the head of the list.

what causes diarrhea in cats

Are YOU The Reason For Your Pet’s Diarrhea?

Sometimes, this can happen in unintentional ways. Is your cat occasionally going through the trash looking for something to eat? When outside, does your cat have the tendency to munch on grass, flowers or other forms of vegetation? It’s a smart idea to keep a close eye on what your cat has access to inside and outside your home. Ingesting only small amounts from these sources may be enough to cause bouts of diarrhea.

However, if a cat has a diarrhea outbreak as a result of something ingested, the owner is usually responsible. Many owners have the bad habit of giving their cats many of the foods that they eat. This can include foods that are loaded with salt, sugar or other various spices. These kinds of foods aren’t tolerated well within a cat’s digestive system and can actually trigger allergies. Also, understand that changing away from a cat’s regular food can cause indigestion and diarrhea as well.

Cat Diarrhea Causes # 2 – Viral/Bacterial Infection

Comparable to humans, there are many diseases and infections that can cause cat diarrhea. These may be acquired through normal activity or could be obtained by being bitten by certain insects when going outdoors. There are also various parasitic infections that may be the reason for the diarrhea outbreak.

If you notice that the diarrhea is accompanied by a marked change in behavior or mood or you can detect a fever, then it might be a smart idea to take a trip to the veterinarian’s office. The vet will have the ability to diagnose your pet’s condition and provide whatever medication is necessary to clear up the problem.

Cat Diarrhea Causes # 3 – Bacterial Imbalance

Much like our stomach, your cat’s stomach contains different types of bacteria. A portion of these bacteria are actually good for the overall function of the digestive system. These positive forms of bacteria (known as probiotics) remain in a constant battle with potentially harmful bacteria that continuously enter the body. If the probiotic level within the stomach becomes too low, the bacterial imbalance can result in instances of diarrhea in addition to increasing the susceptibility to infection.

Thankfully, this can be treated by utilizing a probiotic supplement especially designed for cats. These supplements are available in pill and powdered forms. cat probiotics have been shown as being a very effective cat diarrhea treatment when the problem is triggered by a bacterial discrepancy.

For more information about probiotics, please view my cat probiotic review that talks about a product that is guaranteed to eliminate this problem. If your cat has diarrhea, reddish, itchy, skin irritations or sheds excessively, please take a look.